1. Archie Moore
  2. Vamp
  3. Black Satin
  4. Optumba
  5. Peaceful
  6. Groove in my mind

I have heard Franco’s previous album which was based on trumpet improvisation upon a groove which wasn’t entirely jazz. On his own track he does something similar but this time the groove is different, and groovier, based upon rather funky repetions and a great example of Miles Davis’ wildest, most energetic, groovy up to over-the top psychedelic period of Miles Davis, here is played with much pleasure to especially the funky jazz groove. “Black Satin” comes from this period of Miles. Especially Franco’s band guitarist Bernardo Baglioni knows how to handle this inspiration. It isn’t entirely the trumpet line which has all the freedom of melody improvisation, this time also Franco, with Miles in his mind know more often how to push the band forward to something different, so that the groove changes, speeds up and/or becomes almost psychedelic, like Miles used to become in that period. Especially his own tracks (there are two Miles Davis interpretations and one of Joe Zaniwul) are more smoothly and rhythmically bound, but the Miles inspiration is a fine injection towards a next level.


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